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Initiative was started in 2018 in response to a call by the President for partnerships to help stimulate job creation; (Priority one on the PPGI  list for the agricultural sector).

This project was initiated under the leadership of In Transformation Initiative and Mr. Roelf Meyer – task team has been leading all processes.

It is a private sector led initiative – various stakeholders have been part of the establishment process – agricultural unions, agribusinesses; financial services, communal, smallholder and commercial farmers, BASA, NGO’s etc.; A Not for Profit Company has been registered.

It is a Member Based Organisation that has a network of members across the agricultural value chain – commercial farmers; agribusiness; smallholder farmers; commodity organisations; agricultural unions; DFI’s; Financial Services sector etc.

Holistic support to Black farmers which will include:

Facilitation of improved access to affordable finance, support, skills development, partnerships and market access through the mobilisation of various stakeholders within the private sector; public sector; Development Finance sector including international DFI’s.

Mobilisation of funding from various sources in the private sector, public sector (is not required to fund the agency but may fund projects within the parameters of approved programmes e.g. Production improvement), DFI’s and donors.

Employment creation (income opportunities for wealth creation)

Improved national and household food security and food safety (access and affordability)

Enhanced agricultural production

Enhanced market access for new generation farmers through removal of barriers to entry

Improved natural Resource Management

Sector reflects the demographics of our society

Your journey in supporting emerging farmer empowerment starts here.  

AGDA aims to address the barriers towards commercialisation for black farmers, who often lack the capacity and access to affordable capital. These two elements go hand in hand and are different sides of the same coin.

This will be done through the establishment of an Integrated Farmer Development Programme (IFDP) and a Revolving Loan Fund (RLF). The IFDP will focus on capacity building and will be funded through impact capital and the RLF will focus on access to affordable capital and will be funded through a combination of impact capital from private donors, private equity and commercial debt.